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Ass Teen Mouth Anal Porn Review
Price: $29.97/month (recurring); $59.97 for 90 days (non-recurring)
Updates: Roughly 3 times a month
Reviewed On: May 15, 2011 by Oz

Content Quantity: 17/20
Content Quality: 18/20
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 8/10

Value: 9/10
Ads: 3/5
Exclusivity: 5/5
Overall Impression: 17/20

Score: 84, SILVER

Ass Teen Mouth Quick Facts

Ass Teen Mouth Pros:
- Exclusive anal/rough blowjob scenes
- High quality videos
- Extremely hot teen (18+) models
- Bonus access to the rest of the Teen Core Club network

Ass Teen Mouth Cons:
- Could use some more browse options
- Scenes can get repetitive

Ass Teen Mouth Facts as of May 15, 2011:
Ass Teen Mouth Vids: 99 videos
Ass Teen Mouth Pics: 99 photosets; 50,000+ pics
Other Content: Access to the other 50+ sites in the Teen Core Club network

Ass Teen Mouth Review

If you're gonna make a great hardcore porn site, why fuck around with cryptic domain names or catchy titles? Just go right to the heart of the matter and put things in terms even a caveman could understand (my apologies to the Geico Cro-magnons). Today's site is a perfect example...Ass Teen Mouth pretty much sums up perfectly what you'll see here. Extremely hot and tight-bodied 18 and 19 year old European babes getting their throats fucked and their sweet little assholes demolished by hard cock, with of course plenty of ass-to-mouth action along the way. Just a quick look through the members area shows me that they've really got some adorable young babes here...should be a real pleasure to watch their innocent pink holes get demolished. Let's check things out.

Each Ass Teen Mouth scene goes down in pretty much the same way. The hottie of the day greets the cameraguy (there's no real interview segment here as I doubt any of the girls speak much English) and then they have her quickly strip naked and show off her body. From there, the stunt cock struts in already hard and ready and they jump right into the dick sucking action. Things start off with a normal BJ but quickly progress to some rough face fucking that has the babe gagging, drooling, panting and choking on cock. Her eyes water and her makeup runs as the dude grabs her head and pumps her open mouth and tight throat with his thick dick.

After the face fuck, the stud bends the bitch over and slides his dick right up her ass, balls deep. There's typically not an preliminary pussy fucking and most of the scenes are all anal...that's right, after a 30-40 minute ass fuck, these cuties are definitely gonna be walking funny and wearing diapers the next day. The rest of the scene consists of the guy fucking the chick in the ass in every position possible (doggystyle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, missionary, upside down off the end of the couch or bed, and more) and alternately pulling out to face fuck her a bit more, cramming his dick balls deep in her mouth straight out of her gaping asshole. There are enough ass-to-mouth switches here that the formerly innocent cutie could definitely tell us how her colon tastes LOL. I particularly enjoy seeing these chicks her face fucked in the bow and arrow position (on their stomachs grabbing their ankles) and there's plenty of that to be had here. After the little fucktoy has been thoroughly ass gaped and mouth fucked, the guy puts her back on her knees and has her lick his balls...he then blows a huge load all over her face and tongue. The babe waves goodbye with a half-hearted smile, clearly glad the scene is over haha.

The members area setup really couldn't be simpler. They've got all of the episodes listed two to a page with several large preview pics and links to view that scene's pics and vids. A menu across the top of the page hooks you up with some bonus content and a few ads. They really don't have any browse features...a model index might come in handy here and perhaps a category search although the scenes are so similar in nature that's probably not necessary.

Anyhow, the members area archive currently boasts 99 scenes (each with a video and a hi-res photoset) and although nothing's dated I believe they're updating around three times a month. The Ass Teen Mouth videos come with a nice amount of options. There's a full-length version in WMV format and broadband quality and they also split the full scene into several smaller parts which are also in WMV format in 512K and broadband quality versions. All the videos can be streamed and downloaded. The broadband quality videos come in 960 x 540 at 3000K and look awesome. These are HD quality videos and you can enjoy them easily at full-screen resolution. Great looking videos here! The photosets are pretty damn large and often contain as many as 500-600 pics. The images are viewable in gallery format. It looks like the pics weigh in at 853 x 1280 throughout the archive and the quality is excellent. The photos are professionally shot, clear, well-lit, and vibrant. Also, the photos feature some softcore posing and stripping you don't really see in the videos.

Included in your Ass Teen Mouth membership is access to a whopping amount of bonus sites via the Teen Core Club network. Currently, you receive access to around 50 additional sites, a little less than half of which contain exclusive content with the rest featuring non-excusive scenes. The exclusive stuff typically looks similar to the Ass Teen Mouth scenes as far as quality goes while the non-exclusive material can be a bit more variable quality-wise. You'll find a ton of different porn niches represented here (reality, interracial, cum swallowing, ass licking, gangbangs, 2-girl blowjobs, anal sex, small tits, DP, babysitters, and more), but the main thrust (pun intended) of the network is really their high quality Eastern European teen content which features great hardcore action, rough sex, and lots of ass fucking. For whatever reason, they only link to 20 or so of the bonus sites in the actual Ass Teen Mouth members area so you'll want to visit the Ass Teen Mouth tour to see a listing of all of the sites included in your membership. Tons of great hardcore porn to be had here for a very reasonable $29.97/month.

Ass Teen Mouth Bottom Line

Ass Teen Mouth is an awesome site for anal fans and I highly recommend checking it out. The European teens here could scarcely be hotter...these chicks are cute as hell with adorable faces and perfect tight bodies. They look so innocent it amazing to watch them get throat fucked and take a big cock up their asses in every position imaginable. The photos and videos look great...the vids are HD quality and the pics are large, clear and professionally shot. In addition, you receive access to a whopping 50+ additional members areas via the Teen Core Club network when you join up at Ass Teen Mouth, all for just $29.97/month which is a hell of a good deal. If you like seeing young hotties in rough anal sex and blowjob scenes, you'll want to check out Ass Teen Mouth for sure.

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